About Instapuzzle for iPad

Instapuzzle for iPad is a social game built on top of the most popular photo share App Instagram. Instapuzzle converts Instagram photos into amazing jigsaw puzzle games and users compete with each other based on the time they used to solve the puzzle. This amazing App offers fun yet engaging entertainment to everyone in the family. Instapuzzle has the most realistic jigsaw piece rendering technology in the App Store. It makes truly 3D puzzle pieces with precise thickness and shadow effects, stunning motion animation, and powerful piece snap. The simple but flexible user interface brings the jigsaw experience to a whole new level. You can save the jigsaw images to the album, send by email, upload to Facebook, or share on Twitter.


Use Instagram photo to make jigsaw puzzle game.

Choose from different difficulty levels.

Save unfinished games and restart them later.

Realistic 3D effects by convincing thickness and shadows.

Stunning motion animation and powerful piece snap.

Built in hint and help features.

Time your game.

Zooming and moving around the game table.

Zooming and moving around the game table.

Hides the toolbars in full screen mode.

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